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About Us

Springville Wireless began service in the summer of 2001, becoming the first Internet Service Provider to offer high speed Internet service to the Springville community. Today, we offer the most comprehensive coverage in the area, with service available in River Island, Montgomery Ranch, Triple R, Pleasant Valley, McHone Ranch, Campbell Creek, Frazier Valley, Globe Drive, Balch Park, and the town itself.

As the only Internet Service Provider based in the mountain community, Springville Wireless is able to offer a level of service and support impractical for other companies to duplicate. Where other providers cannot go due to obsolete wiring, or terrain and distance, Springville Wireless offers service, in some cases to locations where phone or even power lines do not reach. In fact, a number of our tower sites are completely powered by the sun, providing our subscribers with reliable wireless service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all the while using a completely renewable power source immune to downed telephone poles, power surges, and blackouts.

Springville Wireless offers a connection suitable for everyone from the young family venturing online for the first time, to an employee securely telecommuting into an office hundreds of miles away, or a retiree corresponding with an old friend on the opposite side of the world.

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