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Springville Wireless can bring high speed Internet to your home or business at speeds up to 30 times faster than even the best dialup connection. The Wireless Internet connection becomes active as soon as you turn on your computer and remains available for instant use as long as you like. Receive and make phone calls at your convenience while remaining online and save money by disconnecting any extra phone line you currently use for Internet access, as our wireless service requires none. Additionally, unlike the other types of wireless Internet technologies such as satellite Internet service, Springville Wireless provides a low-latency connection, making it a perfect choice for VPN, VOIP, and other delay sensitive applications.

Service is made available via a small rooftop antenna installed on your residence or place of business from which a length of CAT 5e cable is routed unobtrusively to a high speed Ethernet card installed in your computer.

Want to connect more than one computer? No problem, a simple ethernet switch or router allows multiple computers to simultaneously share the high speed connection independently without requiring a “master” computer to always be left on. Access can be expanded wirelessly inside your residence or business by adding a wireless access point, enabling you to enjoy fast Internet from the couch, in the middle of your conference room, or beside the pool. Contact us today for more details.

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